Anti-Technology Generation?

Considering how trends tend to cycle through the generations, such as clothing styles coming back into fashion a couple generations after falling out of favor, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will soon witness a generation of kids / young adults who shun the excessive infiltration of high-tech gadgetry in society.

The youth of today are already abandoning Facebook in droves, seeing it (rightly so) as being populated predominantly by their parents’ generation. Granted, today’s youth have not yet gone down the anti-technology path. If anything, they are even more entrenched into the ever increasing cyborgization of formerly free human beings. And yet, my spidey senses are telling me that a sea change is approaching in the relationship between people and high-tech gadgets.

One only has to lift one’s eyes momentarily away from the glowing, addictive light of one’s latest battery-charged appendage, and glace around at the waves upon waves of mind-numbed zombie robots, walking down the sidewalk, bumping into each other, oblivious to all except the latest ten-quillionth variation of grumpy cat scowling at the camera to notice how ridiculous this whole generation has really become.

Seriously, the resemblance to a herd of lemmings in sheep’s clothing is staggering.

I remember how my grandparents (who grew up during the Great Depression) thought that being able to buy already-ground coffee in the grocery store was a symbol of the advancement of society. They never could understand why I would want to deliberately buy unground coffee beans, which I would then have to grind myself before using. For crying out loud, that’s what their parent’s generation had to do! They seriously thought I had culturally regressed.

If they were alive today, I suspect they would be right there in the middle of the zombie hordes, smashing windows and eating the brains of the few remaining people who hadn’t yet succumbed to the inevitable.

But enough about my grandparents … My point is that I think all this hyper-fixation of being constantly on-line, constantly plugged in, and thereby constantly under the direct surveillance of the NSA and the new Orwellian police state will very soon be cast off by a younger and smarter generation who grows up seeing the ridiculous nature of it all and who deliberately begins to shun technology.

This new generation may very well be the generation that ends up saving the human race from destroying itself. Even if the way they do it is by hiding out in underground caves, shielded from the prying eyes of the global spy organizations and, by sheer accident of fate, shielded from the zombifying radiation of all those effing smart phones.

One can hope.

Richard Ewald

(This blog post was composed on my iPhone)




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