Positive Reviews for Sierra Girls

Hi all. In the last few days, my suspense novel Sierra Girls received a handful of new positive reviews.

Ritagrace says: “This was a breath-stopping suspense and mystery about a young girl kidnapped by a sadistic sex criminal.”

Charles Ray (aka Avid Reader) says: “This is actually two stories that proceed along parallel lines until; on the one hand we have Gabriel’s desperate efforts to find his daughter; on the other, Michelle’s decision to try and save herself after she discovers that she’s not the first occupant of the dungeon. . . . The parallel stories whiz along like twin roller coasters, until they finally intersect in an explosive finale that will leave you both breathless and relieved.”

My favorite so far is this bit where the reviewer mentions something she doesn’t like about the book—

Karina Kantas (aka Enigma) says: “The book started off as an easy read, but by the middle the writing started getting flowery. Now there’s nothing wrong with that kind of writing, Stephen King is famous for it. I just prefer an easy read. Many enjoy more descriptive passages. I just feel it ruins the flow and prefer to stick to the plot.”

I’m taking this as a positive, for my writing to be compared to Stephen King’s. To me that is the greatest compliment it can receive, as Stephen King is a writing god!

It’s nice to hear some real reader feedback. So far, everyone who has reviewed the book has said that they enjoyed it a lot. This makes me quite happy, as that is the entire purpose of writing for me.

Thanks to all who have read, and especially to those who have reviewed, Sierra Girls.

Richard Ewald



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