Update to Sierra Girls

A quick update on Sierra Girls: I received a very helpful review from a reader named Brandy Dresher. I was already in the process of updating the book to make it look better on Kindle devices, so I included a few quick tweaks based on her feedback. These types of small details really help the overall impression for readers. Thanks, Brandy! The book looks much nicer now, and I have pushed this new version to Amazon and to Smashwords. Please go read the free sample chapters and see if you like it.

I made some more progress over the weekend on my book prep for the next novel. Nearly done with this stage. Spending more time getting to know the main characters has been fun and beneficial. Still have one more stage after this, which will be fleshing out the story outline a bit more. Then, finally, I’m going to set sail toward my destination, which is somewhere far over the horizon. But at least I’ll have some stars to steer by. It will be a wonderful feeling to get the manuscript under way.



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