Thoughts on Indie Publishing

Wow! There’s a lot more involved in ebook publishing than I realized before I started this process. I now have my novel Sierra Girls available in multiple formats on Smashwords, and in Kindle format on Amazon. Between the two, Amazon definitely has a slicker and quicker process of getting an ebook available live on their website. However, I like how Smashwords generates the book in so many different formats.

My main question now is: How long will my book linger in the “Pending Review” state, waiting to be included in the Smashwords Premium Catalog—and more importantly, waiting to get distributed to all their various distribution channels, like Barnes & Noble and Apple? I read in few random places on the Internet that it could be a couple weeks. That fact is not clearly communicated on the Smashwords website. I’m hoping that it is a sign of an ever increasing volume of business and web traffic to the site.

The next step I want to take in this process is to get set up on CreateSpace for POD distribution through Amazon. And after that, I will continue to build up my social presence as an author—Google+, Pinterest, and other places that I hardly ever visit as a “normal” person. Then there is the question of whether to pay for publicity somewhere, and if so where. I would love to dialog with other authors about their experiences with indie publishing.

Having said all that, what is really pressing most heavily on my mind is—getting down and dirty with writing my next novel. I finally decided last night (during an insomniac vision quest) which of the many “books in my head” I will work on next. This brings up another burning question in my mind. How to divide time between writing and promoting—not to mention the rest of my life in the real world.

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